Dave and Rose started their family with the birth of their first son, Collin. Rose, a few, short years later, saw the face of the boy who would spark their journey into the rewarding world of adoption.

    Rose  says of Gerald, a then two year-old blind child from the Phillipines, "I knew. I just knew, that was my baby boy." Following Gerald came the adoption of 3 sisters, Rosella, Diana and Ellisa quickly growing the modest McCarthy clan from 2 to 5.

   The birth of their next daughter, Chloe, affectionately termed "Chloe-bear," inspired in Dave and Rose

a heart for children with Down's syndrome.  Rose and Dave with would then go on to adopt Francis from China, and Harrison from Vietnam, both children born with Down's Syndrome, completing the 8 children "McCarthy Crew."

     Dave and Rosanne intentionally chose their hometown of Quincy to raise and educate their 8 children. Dave say's:

"The city of Quincy has everything to offer the children of Quincy. This city is worth the time to commit yourself to the community you live in. My family grew up in Houghs' Neck and I've never forgotten my roots. I know the issues of the families, homeowners, school systems, and other ward concerns. Quincy's Ward 1 is a vibrant community that thrives on staying active and being proactive. It is a wonderful neighborhood."

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Let me continue to serve the people of Quincy at the council level.